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Inland Revenue – environmental graphics

The goal // To inspire IRD people to work as ‘one’.
The solution // A dynamic national framework with local application.
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Working together

Inland Revenue’s ‘IR for the Future’ vision provided an opportunity to create new office environments to reflect the organisation’s internal culture and positioning.

The objective of the design was to bring Inland Revenue’s values to life and to tell the IR story through environmental graphics. The design needed to provide a stimulating environment for employees to work in, and for the public to experience too.

It required a corporate design solution that could be applied nationally with the ability to inject local flavour.

IRD Office v2
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Ahakoa i ō tāua karangarangatanga o iwi, he iwi kotahi tātou. Although we have different tribal callings
, we are one people.

– From Inland Revenue’s Waiata o Te Tari Taake

Tukutuku Panel v3

National but local

Sparked by a line from the Inland Revenue’s Waiata, the theme “Our New Zealand” became the central anchor for the visual design.

The designs are inspired by Tukutuku panels, hugely significant and prized possessions in Māori culture.

Two primary tukutuku patterns were created with the themes of people connecting, networking, collaborating and growing. These deliver national consistency across all Inland Revenue office environments.

Regional patterns were developed in consultation with local iwi to reinforce the connections to specific locations - giving each region its own unique identity and a feature piece to call its own.

A templated approach and clear application guidelines is enabling a large-scale, national roll-out across all Inland Revenue locations throughout the country.

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