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Meridian Energy - 2020 Integrated Annual Report

The goal // Position Meridian as a market leader in integrated sustainable thinking and a strong financial performer.
The solution // A digital first approach to their 2020 Annual Report using Capiche’s Rivit platform.
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Putting energy into digital

By holding itself accountable to a wider set of measures, Meridian continues to uphold a new standard for corporate reporting in the energy sector and beyond.

This year, we helped Meridian Energy prepare their third integrated report, enabling them to deliver a holistic view of their financial and operational performance alongside their sustainable development goals. We worked with the team to create a report that embraces disclosure, openness and transparency.


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Accessible and sustainable

While Meridian are statutorily obliged to provide printed copies of their report - this year saw a substantial reduction in the print quantity by taking a digital first approach. With the use of Capiche’s Rivit platform, this year's report is responsive, accessible and measurable - not to mention more sustainable and readers can choose what to read, when to read it and how.

With market conditions changing, almost daily, and in the midst of a global pandemic our plan was to make this year's report clearer than ever. Intentionally reducing repetition and simplifying content we aligned the reports narrative and visual theming to Sun, Water and Wind. Meridian’s key ingredients to producing sustainable energy.

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The report has been well received by a wide range of Meridian’s stakeholders, and more importantly, well read with over 1,600 platform visits in the first week. Staff particularly have found it highly informative and accessible.

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Check out the Meridian Energy 2020 Integrated Annual Report


Capiche’s Rivit platform is responsive, accessible and measurable - not to mention more sustainable. The reader can choose what to read, when to read it and how.

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