Modest doesn’t mean mediocre

Consumer Protection I&E campaign

The goal // To maximise reach to a massive audience.
The solution // A multi-media, integrated strategy.
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Start with quality information

Many New Zealanders are unaware of their rights as consumers. Consumer Protection knows this from its bi-annual consumer survey. This qualitative data, and a highly insightful customer segmentation model, provided the starting point for our strategy to reach a massive group of ‘at risk’ New Zealanders about a broad range of consumer issues - on a very modest budget.

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A clearly defined strategy

Our strategy was based on some core planning principles that helped us to focus on the right things and spend the budget wisely:

  • Focus on the during and after-purchase moments: consumers don’t think about problems until they happen.
  • Be ‘always-on’: consumer issues don’t happen in flights, they happen every day in a variety of different contexts.
  • Target issues that affect people the most.
  • Adapt messaging to the changing needs of vulnerable consumers.
  • Use a mix of media that will combine for reach and action.

There is talk of television being old school and digital being the way of the future. In fact, television and digital work exceptionally well in combination with each other.

Good to Know

In partnership with our media partner, we negotiated the first ever pilot of the TVNZ ‘Good to Know’ segment. 30 second television ‘in-news' placement was supported by careful buying of other key television spots. The weights were light and spread over 6 weeks.

The television activity was supported by digital programmatic advertising and social media - ensuring we were able to spread activity across the entire year and build on the impetus that television provided.


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The jury is in - television still delivers.

Not only did the television campaign reach 1.5 million people, it doubled and tripled the click-through rates from digital advertising. And it gave a significant, long-tail boost to the campaign, achieving sustained website traffic growth of 15% (50% more than planned).

All delivered within a very, very modest budget.

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