Specialists in emergency response

New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team – brand identity

The goal // To unify and identify specialist response teams.
The solution // A bold, instantly recognisable identity.
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Co-ordinated response

NZ EMAT is a new nationally-managed team of specialists who come together to provide emergency management assistance in the event of significant events that affect our country.

Specialists from all over New Zealand are deployed to co-ordinate the front line response. Each member brings individual skills to the team so, coming from different places and backgrounds, it was important to bring them together under a strong and confident identity.

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“I took the approach of simple but significant. An identity for a team that performs such an important role needs clarity and solidity.”

Cherie Parker, Senior Designer

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Ready to go

The brand identity is bold, providing clear identification when the team is on the ground in what can be chaotic circumstances.

The identity clearly differentiates the team from other emergency responders. It takes a modern, bold approach that is quite different to how other international specialist teams are branded (often using map graphics and crests).

This identity takes the traditional chevron often associated with emergency management and integrates it into the identity in a modern way.

The combination of font and colour brings a solid, workmanlike character to the identity, reflecting the ethos of the team - when they hit the ground they are ready to get working.

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