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CentrePort - environmental graphics

The goal // To bring together CentrePort people as one team.
The solution // A graphic system inspired by history, people and the environment that connects all areas of the business.

A new home

Since the Kaikoura Earthquake, CentrePort people have been in temporary accommodation while the Port has undergone significant remedial and regeneration work. With the recent earthquake strengthening of Shed39, CentrePort were finally able to move to a more permanent home.

Shed39 was an opportunity for CentrePort to tell their story, visualise their values in a bold way and bring their people together as one team, both mentally and physically.

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Connections are made here

CentrePort sits at the heart of Wellington, it connects the land to the sea, Wellington to the rest of New Zealand and the world beyond that. Wellington’s natural harbour has always been deeply connected to it’s people, from Maori communities to European Settlers to modern day business. From this, the theme of connection was developed.

Inspired by Maori motifs and weaving patterns and the idea of weaving together land, sea and people, a modern weave device was introduced to represent strong connections. Drawing on the rawness of the surrounding environment, a roadmark texture was applied to the weave to bring the outside in.

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The Wow factor

It was an incredibly important part of the brief that CentrePort staff feel a sense of pride when they first visit their new home. To achieve this, an art piece was developed for the foyer using individually painted aluminium panels assembled to provide a 3D woven effect. Anecdotal feedback from CentrePort’s team suggests this was a resounding success.

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"Our people are thrilled with the new surroundings. They can see their work and environment reflected in the design. They’re not only enjoying the big, bold imagery reflecting who we are today – they appreciate the elements of our past that are on display and the links through to the present. In summary, the general reaction is “it’s us”."

John Tulloch, Communications Manager - CentrePort

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