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WW100 – 'Finding our way back' campaign

The goal // To deepen New Zealanders' understanding of what life was like in the aftermath of war.
The solution // A social media campaign telling true stories of people’s reintegration into society.
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Connecting the nation to our collective history

‘Finding our way back’ was the final campaign in the WW100 five-year programme commemorating the centenary of the first World War. Its aim was to educate people about the journey back into society for those returning from war.

The challenge was to create an emotive campaign that represented all that New Zealand did for our soldiers. It was important to depict the raw struggle of service people settling back into civilian life. All this, within a limited budget and only low-quality historical footage to work with.

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Sharing moving stories

This social media-based campaign tells the stories of two soldiers and one nurse, depicting their journeys home from a personal perspective. Giving insights into these true human experiences created an emotional connection to a historical topic.

The design of a ‘poppy’ graphic device unified the footage into one feature video, cut-down social content and creative displays at libraries and museums. People could then dive deeper into the WW100 website or add their own family’s records with Auckland Museum’s online cenotaph.

“We needed to do justice to an important part of history that has shaped who we are.”

James Norton, Senior Designer – Capiche

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